Matt Horn > Projects

“Finished” non-trivial projects


The Magic-Free Text Editor. A Nano clone in Rust.

Relief Valve

Moves Steam games between storage locations. This was later built into Steam directly, rendering Relief Valve useless.

Adding a feature to Rust

The feature itself was trivial (one of the core Rust devs was surprised it didn’t exist), but participating in the process that Rust has was a cool experience.

Galactic Max

A hackathon-winning HTML5 game made with Phaser in 24 hours with some friends.

Yummy Goodness

The economy from CS:GO as a standalone game. My first project with Elm.


A roguelike built with React for FreeCodeCamp.

Abandoned non-trivial projects


Realtime classroom quizzes, hosted and played through the Meteor platform.

Probably functional. Possibly outdated. Definitely abandoned.


A Meteor-based todo list specialized for homework. I made it when I needed it, and I abandoned it when I didn’t.


An emulator for the fictional DCPU-16 from Notch’s canceled 0x10c.

Personal miscellany

Several things I worked on that weren’t published for one reason or another.

Every single GitHub repo