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My Projects

I’m going to be looking for a job this summer, and so I’ve been looking at my resume.

It’s atrocious. I haven’t finished much.

But I’ve started a lot.


  • Programmed two-player Pong on my calculator
  • Built things with Swing that would have been better done in JS just because I didn’t know JS yet
  • Tried to build multiplayer HTML5 games using Canvas and PHP/MySQL
  • Built more than my fair share of non-functional Android apps (with a few functional ones thrown in)
  • Built plenty of Bukkit (Minecraft server) mods only to discover that Bukkit’s plugin hosting requires you to be 18 to use it :(
  • Tried to build a Minecraft Classic server in node.js, only to find that the compressed level data packet has no useful documentation
  • Built some things in Meteor
  • Built a quasi-working DCPU-16 emulator in node.js
  • Started trying to port my school’s iOS app to Android

Those things all sound useless, or at least impractical, but from each of those things I learned:

  • How to use TI-BASIC, which I still use today, and how to write good programs in a bad language
  • How to build everything in Swing, no matter whether or not it should be built in Swing
  • How easy Canvas is to use, and how hard PHP and MySQL are to use
  • How to write theoretically useful Android apps that don’t work (and also ones that do, but I’m not as good at that so far)
  • How to write things in Java that make use of a plugin API
  • How to use CoffeeScript and node.js
  • How awesome Meteor is :D, and how to do screenscraping to reformat an ugly website into a beautiful one, and how to use regexes without going permanently insane (useful skill to have, don’t you think?)
  • How CPUs work, and how to write unit tests for an emulator, and how to use continuous integration
  • How to use JSON API endpoints from Android

I was making good progress on those, but here’s the current status of all of them:

  • Lost the calculator
  • Completely lost interest
  • Ran out of steam and just gave up
  • Hit a difficult spot and kept avoiding the project
  • Java ZIP library backfired and erased my Eclipse workspace so I don’t have many of them :(
  • Gave up at the level data packet
  • Kept procrastinating finishing things
  • Tried to figure out how to do keyboard input, then ragequit
  • I can’t figure out how to use the Android builtin calendar API, so I gave up

I’m more talented than I appear. Despite what my track record demonstrates, I am capable of finishing things.

If you’d like to provide temporary employment to a 16-year-old with no formal work experience, email the obvious choice and I can get back to you.