Small SSD? Large library?

If you have a small SSD and a large HDD, you may want
some Steam games on the SSD and others on the HDD.

Relief Valve is for you.



Main UI

In Motion

Works Cross-Platform

The 4.3% of Steam users who aren't on Windows aren't out of luck.

Moves multiple applications at once

Got six games to move? Don't want to wait for each one to finish and start the next one manually? It's your lucky day.

Select Categories

Move all your favorites to an SSD? Done!

Historical Background

Applications like Steam Mover and SteamTool were created to move games from one drive to another while leaving links to them in the original locations so that Steam would still have access to them. In 2012, Valve added support for installing games to different directories to Steam in this update. Steam Mover and other applications were never updated to be aware of this.

Relief Valve is (to my knowledge) the first application that works with Steam's multiple library support.

Ready to download? lets you give me money if you want. GitHub doesn't.

The files are the same.